What are you going to choose for the coming cold season, Vit D or flu shot??

The fall season has started and people started getting sick and wondering if they should get flu shot or not. Let’ s see what the benefits are of the flu shot first. It works only on 1 person out of 100, the reason is because they made the flu shot based on the prior flu stream and the virus changes every year. Also they use Aluminum to stimulate the growth of antibodies, but is toxic to our bodies. Other ingredient is Mercury, specifically the Thimerosal type which is a preservative. Ethylene glycol is another ingredient and it is a antifreeze. Formaldehyde is used in the vaccine as preservative. Then, we have some antibiotics such as neomycin and streptomycin, they are used in the vaccine to kill bacteria. Now we know what there is in the flu shot. Let’s talk about Vit D and its benefits. Vit D boots the immune system and helps to prevent cold, pneumonia and reduces influenza infection by 40 %. It is our strongest vitamin against cancer. For pregnant women, it helps to make babies with strong immune system and reduces the risks of premature birth. It has been proved that Vit D helps to decrease the fall in elderly people by 19% and lowers the risk of hip fracture by 20 %. It speeds the healing process. It is a great help for osteoporosis, rickets, diabetes, depression, heart and kidneys disease, respiratory infections and hair loss.For the exact dosage people should test their Vit D level and talk to their doctor.

Did you decide what are going to do??

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