I am pleased to have known Dr. Lioce for several years. It is obvious that he cares deeply about the health and well being of all his patients. He takes as much time that is needed to explain any and all aspects of his treatment recommendations, and wants only the best outcomes for his clients. Personally, Dr. Lioce has shown concern and caring for me, and I feel that we are working together as a team to treat my current health condition.
I was having terrible pain in my shoulders from minor tears in both rotator cuffs. My doctors locally in Santa Fe were telling me I had to put up with it or have invasive surgery!

I spoke with Dr. Lioce about my pain issues and he recommended PRP injections in both shoulders. I researched the procedure and figured ” It couldn’t hurt!”

I flew out to Phoenix from Santa Fe, New Mexico and had the procedures scheduled.

He did both shoulders the same day. The local anesthetic relieved the pain immediately, as I anticipated.

What I didn’t anticipate is the pain in my shoulders did not come back!

I’m an active person for the age of 59. I more active again thanks to Dr. Lioce!

Victor L. Santa Fe, New Mexico

My blood was not happy. Dr. Luca helped me figure out what was going on and what to do. We did vitamin C IV therapy, ozone therapy and glutathione. We worked on my diet and did acupuncture and vitamin and nutritional support. Dr Luca even stepped out of his area to make sure that I sought a good dentist, as well.
I am happy to say that my white blood cells are normal and I have my life back.
Thank you, Dr Luca, for having patience with me and not giving up on me!”
For those who know me, that has been the norm for many years and the car travel adds to it!
Dr Luca asked me to come into his office and have the PRP OZone procedure. Nothing so far, including spinal fusion surgery, has given me pain relief so I decided that at the very least it won’t do any harm or cause me any more pain!! By far, this is the best decision I’ve made dealing with my pain, ever!! The relief I felt was immediate and now two weeks later Im still feeling good!!! I have a long and extensive history dating back 30 plus years, of back pain, and trying everything to find some relief. To little or no avail with short term results. Until two weeks ago!! Thank you Dr Luca
Saturday, Dr. Luca did naturopathic treatment on my back and right hip. Amazing !! Except for some minor swelling in the hip area, there is no pain!! I heartily recommend this as an alternative to cortisone injections or surgery, both which cause scar tissue build up!
A few of my friends and family may know that I have had constant pain in my lower back for many years, but I don’t mention it much as I am not one to complain. However, I wanted to share my recent experience with a procedure that I had that has completely taken away that dull pain that use to follow me around daily for over a decade. I have tried everything over the years from decompression, creams, chiropractic care, you name it… but nothing I did ever relieved my pain longer than a few days until I tried something new a few weeks ago.

Working in an industry of holistic healers and practitioners, I had heard of prolotherapy in conjunction with ozone, but never considered that it may be just what I needed. After one treatment of 10 or so local injections to my lower back, the pain is gone completely and I have Luca DrLioce to thank for that. If anyone has been suffering from any type of pain whether it be joint, tendon, or ligament, I would highly recommend you contact his clinic in Old Town Scottsdale.

Dr Lioce-I want to thank you for helping me with the pain I’ve had in both of my thumbs due to arthritis. Since you did the two PRP injections, I am nearly painfree! Most days I can honestly say that I don’t have any pain at all. Thank you so much!
A little while ago Dr. Luca gave me an Ozone IV and vitamin infusion for the Eczema on my skin! I felt great after and now my Eczema is completely gone! Thank you Dr. Luca for the treatment and consultation!